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Before the beginning…

Before the beginning there was… was… well, we’re not sure what was before the beginning. There are a number of theories as to what was there before the universe we are in presently in came into being: nothing; a previous universe that imploded; and of the all powerful entity that is god.

(You may like to know that I write god with a lower case “g”, not because I’m ignorant of standards in punctuation and spelling, but because over history there are more gods then civilisations and I don’t want any of them to feel left out… least I be stroke down… Sorry! Couldn’t help myself.)

Right, back to the beginning. I do have a number of reasons for talking about the beginning of the universe, a field in which I am not an expert in by a long shot. First, what happened at the start of this universe is one major point that theists hang on to like a hypocritical dog hangs on to a legitimate bone. Second, I think it’s a good starting post- you know? In the beginning… get it?

*Realises if there was a god, he would not let me get away with such bad jokes*

The point that is floating around on my head, like that fly you thought you killed,
which I will make eventually, is:

if were not sure how the universe began, does that justify religion?

Both sides would say no. Theist would say no because that would limit the justification of religion to a single (and lets be honest) dismissible argument. And Non-Theist would say no… because they would be right.

Putting it simply:

what happened in the beginning or how the beginning happened belongs to philosophical debate and cannot be considered an argument for god, ESPECIALLY the present day version of god.

Here is a video by a great man- Carl Sagan, discussing gods and the universe. Also he summerises this post nicely.