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Where is your god NOW?!

Too funny:

(Found via /r/atheism. It’s a good spot, you should check it out)

Re: Why are you an Atheist?

This is a post in response to this comment.

Interesting question, and one, surprising, I haven’t thought about too much.

There was two things I was interested in when I was young: history, and religion.

Included in religion is ancient myths (Greek, Norse, Egyptian, Aztec, etc.)

Since I live in Ireland, and in a more rural part of Ireland, primary school (elementary school) consisted of: English, Irish, Maths, and Religion… for the 8 years (usually start school at age 5 and leave at age 12). Most National Schools are owned by the Catholic Church, needless to say religious instruction was very important. We were taught how to pray; how to say the rosary; first communion; first conformation.

On a side note, I was sick for both my communion and conformation. I think that may have altered my thinking on the events… oh and before I forget, no I wasn’t abused. Thankfully my generation was one of those where abuse by clergy wasn’t widespread.

Anyway, back story complete.

At age 10, 11 roughly, my memory isn’t full proof. But I went through this obsessive religious phase. I prayed regularly, wondered about god, and generally thought he was judging everyone… and somewhere along the line I said “nah, this can’t be right.” 

My love of history comes from a deeper love of knowledge. By age 13 I had a rounded image of history and religion. This was when I became an agnostic. I said, “Sure, why can’t there be a higher being in charge of everything?”

Then in came the information.

I started coming across all the contradictions in the bible. I got into Islam, and then all the racism and hatred put me off. But even then Islam still has glaring holes in the scripture.

Then the science and the anti-theist information came in.

This was where my love of knowledge played a part. I devour information, and there is plenty of it on how religion and religious scripture does not hold up to science or even history.

Over my teenage years I simple acquired more and more information, and noted the  contradictions whenever I was made go to mass. It was these contradictions that wrapped it up for me that the bible was inaccurate or false. If you take the view that god revealed the bible to man, contradictions have two explanations: god isn’t as smart as everyone says; or the bible is a very human creation.

By late teens, I had become completely Atheist, and now border on the line of anti-theist (surprisingly they are two different things). But that’s pretty much it: grow up religious; found out more information that wasn’t too compatible with religion; and now have giving up completely on the faintest hope of believing in a higher being.

Comments, as always welcomed.

A credit to the Atheist name!


I just found out that blogger Scott H Young is an atheist! (amazing what turns up in the archive section) I’ve found that a lot of self-help and proactive people are believers. It’s often the case that these positive people see atheism as an ultimate negative.

Here’s Scott’s free e-book about Holistic learning.  And here’s his donate page.

The more the merrier!

False anti-atheist argument #1

Hitler was an Atheist! Stalin was an Atheist! Pol Pot was an Atheist!

Wrong! Wrong! and Wrong!

This turns up a lot; that atheists are nothing but immoral, child-eating, heretical, blah, blah, etc. etc.

This point of view is going to need some serious light to blast away the ignorance.

The truth is these men weren’t atheist. In the case of Stalin and Pol Pot they believed in an ideology that stated religion was an oppressive force towards the working classes and should be gotten rid off. Hitler on the other hand was a different story.

Where to start? First off, he was a bit of a mad man. And when I say mad, I mean delusional. He did express a dislike for the Judea-Christian doctrines because of the bit about caring for the weak and the poor. And also the Jew parts. But did believe.

Back to the delusional thing. The man had a Messiah complex; meaning that he thought he was on a divine mission from god. This mission of course, he believed, was to kill all Jews and restore the Roman Empire under the German Flag.

Now, stay with me on this one, I haven’t seen anyone make this argument so I may be a bit out in my analyses. Hitler did start a new religion; based on him as the new Messiah. That much is fact. He declared that all alters of the Reichskirche must have a copy of “Mein Kampf” and a sword. *Unfortunately I can’t find a reference, so it might have been under another name besides Reichskirche, but here the Wikipedia page on his beliefs*

Lets review: man thinks he’s the chosen one, sets up pagan religion which he’s the head of and person of worship. Sound familiar?

Does god king ring any bells? Yes, you’ve guessed it! Egypt and the Pharaoh Kings!

People think of these tyrants as people. Monsters yes, but  still people. So the idea that these dictators saw themselves as greater then mortals is often overlooked.stalin

Unfortunately my knowledge of Pol Pot is not as good as it should be for a post like this.  But I can state, in the case of Hitler and Stalin, that the “cult of personality” was very much used; setting up the image of these men, in the eyes of the public, as demi-gods (only a slight exaggeration), certainly greater then common members of the public.

So in conclusion, these men were nuttersnot rational, scientific, open-minded Atheists.

A great man: 1937-2008

George Carlin was a comedian, visionary, counter-culturist and great man. (Reuters article)

George Carlin – Religion is bullshit:

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