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Where is your god NOW?!

Too funny:

(Found via /r/atheism. It’s a good spot, you should check it out)

Billy Connolly on the Catholic Church.

I love Billy Connolly. Extremely funny man. Here’s his take on the Catholic Church:

Youtube legal fight: VenomFangX v Everyone with an Education

Interesting to say the least. A young Earth creationist Youtube user, VemonFangX VenomFangX, has gone on a DMCA rampage.

Unfortunately he missed with the wrong bunch of Youtube users, Thunderf00t being one of them.

Here are some of the videos explaining the situation:

Overall makes for a interesting case study and should make people think twice before sending out DMCA’s.

And here are some other Thunderf00t for your viewing pleasure.

God Damn Search Optimisation!

Seriously, I started this blog like less then month again and some of the search terms have been off the wall. I really think some of them were from bots. Anyway here are some of my favourite (these are straight from the wordpress search engine terms):

god, meaning of first is last and last i

eddie izzard atheist


light pool intelligent sam

stalin made a new religion

religion: ha

mary cow shining

catholic church is a pagan religion word

the gospel on june 22, 2008

A great man: 1937-2008

George Carlin was a comedian, visionary, counter-culturist and great man. (Reuters article)

George Carlin – Religion is bullshit:

George Carlin – Defrags the 10 Comandments:

The Gospel according to Izzard:

ha! Religion vs Non-Religion