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Humans are morally superior to God

God encourages:

Slavery, genocide. raping woman, stoning woman, stoning of people who work on the Sabbath, child abuse, killing gays, killing adulterers. killing farmers with failed crops (I feel like i’m slightly cheating with all these killing ones, since murder is generally just outlawed. Go Humanity!)

Humans have outlawed: 

Slavery, genocide. raping woman, stoning woman, stoning of people who work on the Sabbath, child abuse, killing gays, killing adulterers, killing farmers with failed crops.

That’s only a small sample out of the bible. I completely encourage you to go to Skeptics Annotated Bible website to view a complete list of old and new testaments and the Koran.

Attenborough, atheist and not gonna take it any more.

David Attenborough has been in the news recently, with creationists sending him hate mail because of their ignorance. From the Guardian:

In an interview with this week’s Radio Times about his latest documentary, on Charles Darwin and natural selection, the broadcaster said: "They tell me to burn in hell and good riddance.

Attenborough has hit out again with a criticism of Genesis. From the Independent:

Sir David, 82, said the devastation of the environment has its roots in the first words that God supposedly uttered to humankind, as detailed in Genesis 1:28: "Be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth and subdue it; and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over every living thing that moves upon the earth."

This observation is completely justified. At the high of Christendom before the Black Plague nature had been devastated by Christian superstitions. Cat and other animals that were considered to be in league with the devil. Monks and monasteries overfished many lakes and large ponds due to the tradition of eating fish on Friday. Then of course when the Black Plague reduced all human influence on nature.

I think you could extend Attenborough point beyond nature. The point could be made that the Christian religion want command of the whole world including humans, and human thought. A superiority complex is what I’m driving at, and sadly most religions have them.

Here’s how you teach kids when it comes to religion… you don’t!

Spirituality, Not Religion, Makes Kids Happy, Say Psychologists” is the title of a new post by

Here’s an extract

To make children happier, we may need to encourage them to develop a strong sense of ‘personal worth’, according to Dr. Mark Holder, Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia,  Visiting Assistant Professor Dr. Ben Coleman and graduate student Judi Wallace.

The relationship between spirituality and happiness remained strong, even when the authors took temperament into account. However, religious practices – including attending church, praying and meditating – had little effect on a child’s happiness.

How ‘bout that?

I wish they used more then 320 kids, and that it was international. but it’s still a sound study open for another trail to back up the finding.

Just another example that religion has a greater chance of doing harm to a child then good.

Youtube legal fight: VenomFangX v Everyone with an Education

Interesting to say the least. A young Earth creationist Youtube user, VemonFangX VenomFangX, has gone on a DMCA rampage.

Unfortunately he missed with the wrong bunch of Youtube users, Thunderf00t being one of them.

Here are some of the videos explaining the situation:

Overall makes for a interesting case study and should make people think twice before sending out DMCA’s.

And here are some other Thunderf00t for your viewing pleasure.

False Anti-Atheist Argument #2

“How can you be an atheist?”, “I don’t have that kind of faith.”, “Believing everything came  from nothing”.

I came across this cectic comic:


This reminded me of another false atheist argument that is gaining ground these day.

First off, saying that you “don’t have enough faith” to be an atheist but have enough to be a practicing Christian or Muslim is such a contradiction it hurts my head (and should hurt yours to).

Second, this is a non-argument and if someone uses this “reasoning” it only shows that they’re a complete idiot. I’m not being elitist, arrogant, or close-minded: I’m being realistic and honest.

Atheists do not believe that everything came from nothing. Most intelligent people know that the big bang happened and there’s lots of evidence for it. What we don’t know( is how it happen- we haven’t discovered zero hour(but we have a very good idea what happens after the big band).

If scientists haven’t discovered how something happened believers will immediately jump on this yet undiscovered fact and say “god did it”- this is known as god of the gap.

This is where an objective observer can see a potent different between religion and skepticism: Religion is rigid dogmatic belief, Skepticism is the updating of personal beliefs with new evidence…

Back to “don’t have enough faith” rubbish. To be a skeptic or an atheist you don’t need blind faith! All you have to do is look at the evidence and make a logical decision based on the evidence.

I think a definition of faith is needed (via

belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

To warp it up: faith has nothing to do with atheism or skepticism! Atheism/Skepticism is a way of thinking NOT a way of believing! No Faith Required…

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False anti-atheist argument #1

Hitler was an Atheist! Stalin was an Atheist! Pol Pot was an Atheist!

Wrong! Wrong! and Wrong!

This turns up a lot; that atheists are nothing but immoral, child-eating, heretical, blah, blah, etc. etc.

This point of view is going to need some serious light to blast away the ignorance.

The truth is these men weren’t atheist. In the case of Stalin and Pol Pot they believed in an ideology that stated religion was an oppressive force towards the working classes and should be gotten rid off. Hitler on the other hand was a different story.

Where to start? First off, he was a bit of a mad man. And when I say mad, I mean delusional. He did express a dislike for the Judea-Christian doctrines because of the bit about caring for the weak and the poor. And also the Jew parts. But did believe.

Back to the delusional thing. The man had a Messiah complex; meaning that he thought he was on a divine mission from god. This mission of course, he believed, was to kill all Jews and restore the Roman Empire under the German Flag.

Now, stay with me on this one, I haven’t seen anyone make this argument so I may be a bit out in my analyses. Hitler did start a new religion; based on him as the new Messiah. That much is fact. He declared that all alters of the Reichskirche must have a copy of “Mein Kampf” and a sword. *Unfortunately I can’t find a reference, so it might have been under another name besides Reichskirche, but here the Wikipedia page on his beliefs*

Lets review: man thinks he’s the chosen one, sets up pagan religion which he’s the head of and person of worship. Sound familiar?

Does god king ring any bells? Yes, you’ve guessed it! Egypt and the Pharaoh Kings!

People think of these tyrants as people. Monsters yes, but  still people. So the idea that these dictators saw themselves as greater then mortals is often overlooked.stalin

Unfortunately my knowledge of Pol Pot is not as good as it should be for a post like this.  But I can state, in the case of Hitler and Stalin, that the “cult of personality” was very much used; setting up the image of these men, in the eyes of the public, as demi-gods (only a slight exaggeration), certainly greater then common members of the public.

So in conclusion, these men were nuttersnot rational, scientific, open-minded Atheists.