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Why are Sceptics so closed minded?

We’re not.

The whole point of being Sceptical is to consider the evidence for a belief or position and make a judgement on said position or belief. When you ask us to consider that your position or belief is correct we do. If we reject it we have based that on the evidence.

Your accusation of closed-minded-ness is merely an attempt to vindicate yourself and deflect the possibility that you may in fact be wrong. Nobody likes being wrong. But people have fierce problems with being corrected. I LOVE being corrected. My whole career is based on being accurate (my career being software development). So if I make the same mistake over and over again, I want to be correct. But if you point out that homeopathy/faith healing/acupuncture has failed medical studies and has no grounding in science, they get defensive! They don’t argue to points, they just attack you (closed-minded, phrma paid, etc) or attack “the establishment” (those studies were by evil evil scientist that don’t understand the “natural” world)

The painful pain is how ironic the accusation is: your closed-minded because you don’t take into account the evidence. What about this evidence? YOUR JUST A [phrase that still doesn’t address the point]

ugk the stupid, it hurts.

Here be dragons!

“Here be dragons” is a short film on critical thinking by Brian Dunning of skeptoid.