Holy Cow Links 27-09-08 (Video Edition)

Brilliant list of videos from GodIsImaginary.com:

Prove that Jesus is imaginary in less then 5 minutes

Proving that the pope has never read the Bible

10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer

Also, Read the Bible.

I came across this show last week and I’m totally hooked. The Atheist Experience, they actually put their whole shows up on Google video here, but since it’s about an hour and a half for each show here’s a few clips from youtube:

Atheists your not alone:

Quote mining busted:

Pascal’s Wager Debunked

Also their blog here.

2 comments so far

  1. Andrea Murray on

    Do you all foresee a presidential candidate who is atheist or agnostic? Unfortunately, I cannot imagine a candidate even being a viable choice for Americans if he/she does not profess a religious person.

  2. Irish Atheist on

    Well, short answer: there will be.
    Long answer: It will take a major cultural change for Americans for this to happen. For instance, if you look at Europeans, we’ll say British and Swedish politicians, if a major candidate said they had a strong faith in their religion they’d rightly get criticized.

    Simply put, America needs some kind of religious reformation (or religious war).

    Main thing: education. The religious know that if Americans were as educated as Europeans they’d be done for!

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