Holy Cow Links 31-August-08

Interesting headline caught my eye: “Todd Bentley wants to recruit a Violent Christian Army to start Armageddon”. Fuck lad! Here’s both the funniest bit (via Dvorak Uncensored):

He said, ‘Kick her in the face … with your biker boot.’ I inched closer and I went like this [makes kicking motion]: Bam! And just as my boot made contact with her nose, she fell under the power of God.

McCain VP pick, Sarah Palin wants creationism taught in schools, under the pretext of an open debate… rubbish! (also via DU)

Speaking of which, nice piece on “Animal Intelligence and the Evolution of the Human Mind”. (via RichardDawkins.net)

God on the brain by Horizon. (via Atheist Nation)

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