False Anti-Atheist Argument #2

“How can you be an atheist?”, “I don’t have that kind of faith.”, “Believing everything came  from nothing”.

I came across this cectic comic:


This reminded me of another false atheist argument that is gaining ground these day.

First off, saying that you “don’t have enough faith” to be an atheist but have enough to be a practicing Christian or Muslim is such a contradiction it hurts my head (and should hurt yours to).

Second, this is a non-argument and if someone uses this “reasoning” it only shows that they’re a complete idiot. I’m not being elitist, arrogant, or close-minded: I’m being realistic and honest.

Atheists do not believe that everything came from nothing. Most intelligent people know that the big bang happened and there’s lots of evidence for it. What we don’t know( is how it happen- we haven’t discovered zero hour(but we have a very good idea what happens after the big band).

If scientists haven’t discovered how something happened believers will immediately jump on this yet undiscovered fact and say “god did it”- this is known as god of the gap.

This is where an objective observer can see a potent different between religion and skepticism: Religion is rigid dogmatic belief, Skepticism is the updating of personal beliefs with new evidence…

Back to “don’t have enough faith” rubbish. To be a skeptic or an atheist you don’t need blind faith! All you have to do is look at the evidence and make a logical decision based on the evidence.

I think a definition of faith is needed (via dictionary.com):

belief that is not based on proof: He had faith that the hypothesis would be substantiated by fact.

To warp it up: faith has nothing to do with atheism or skepticism! Atheism/Skepticism is a way of thinking NOT a way of believing! No Faith Required…

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