The About Post

Decided to publish the about page in my blog since it’s surprising long:

You know how it’s 12 at night, there’s no good videos to stream, you’ve read all the comics, and your still stuck on that level in that game you got 2 days ago.

Isn’t it always around that time that you start another blog?

Just me!? Okay….

Anyway, I’m Irish and Atheistic.

I don’t have a whole pile of love for religion since it’s ultimate goal -directly or indirectly- is to subvert people to one idea; rejecting all else other ideas, criticisms, and beliefs. Although this isn’t the case with all religions, but most of those are dead… so that’ll teach them!

There are a number of arguments against atheism, skepticism, and scientific method being applied to life; but I hope to address these issues and continue to point to example where this is wrong. And since I live by the scientific method I will try and highlight examples where the opposite is true.

AND DO NOT TELL ME HITLER AND STALIN WERE ATHEISTS!! They were dicks who fancied themselves as GOD KINGS. Remember? Like the pharaohs.

Ahmm, moving on, I write about all this now because… well… first- I managed to get the name irishatheist. Second- I love studying religion, myths and beliefs from an academic point of view (fancy name for amateur historian. Also, no need to point out the contradiction), and to see these ridiculous teachings still holding sway in our society makes me so angry… I JUST WANT TO WRITE A BLOG… well, there you have it.

In summary your honour, I started this hedonistic blog to express my worry over the demonic regeme of religion, and I wish to add to the enlightenment of others… very pompous I know, but still I want to share what I think of as a magical (yes, I use that adjective on purpose) window to knowledge that is available to us in the present day.

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